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Every Saturday at 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM in Rondebosch 

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If you've been struggling to grow your business, we're here to help! Sign up to save your spot for our upcoming Digital Marketing course. 

Visitors make up their mind about your company in under 10 second simply by visiting your website. 

Your website needs to be crafted to speak to your target audience, be mobile friendly and it must capture your prospect's contact details!

Digital marketing can be confusing for business owners with 1000s of different tactics, and if not managed correctly, it could cost you many thousands in wasted spend. 

Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing Basics

Creating a digital marketing strategy for your business is the cornerstone of any business to succeed. Learn how to create a strategy for your business type, target your perfect customers by location or interests and choose the correct platforms or strategy.

Get a clear understanding on what tactics  work and when you should use them.

Website Optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Learn where social media marketing is heading, what platforms are available and what you need to do as a business to make it effective and figure out if your business actually needs to use social media. 

Understand the difference between Google and Facebook Advertising and when to use either one. Then learn how to set up and run your first targeted  Facebook advert campaign yourself.

We Will Cover:

"Inversion Marketing helped me get my business, Kneading Fitness, on the map. I had no idea how to go about getting my business seen on social media. Ross Williams, at Inversion Marketing, took the few words I gave him and put together a great looking and very user friendly website, as well as set me up on Facebook and other social media. He was very helpful and extremely efficient. It would've taken me months to do on my own what Inversion Marketing did in no time at all. I would certainly recommend Inversion Marketing and I shall be a returning client for all my marketing needs."

- Rebecca, Kneading Fitness

Here's what some of our customers think:

"Like a lot of small businesses out there I struggled to get noticed. I am a business owner that knows my trade and products very well but have no idea how to market myself. That is where Ross Williams and his team at Inversion Marketing came in. They introduced me to social media marketing and they are always willing to help train me in an ongoing process. They are very helpful and quick in answering all my annoying questions... With their help I have already noticed a tremendous growth in the interest and exposure my business have been receiving. I am very happy to have Inversion Marketing do my marketing now and in the future. Why? Simple! Because I thought I am too small to bother with, but they have proven me wrong!

- Chris, Chimbro Iron Worx

New company set up made easy!

A better understanding of social media marketing...

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Inversion Marketing have empowered companies of all sizes from the 100s of Millions to small startups.

If you've been struggling with building and scaling your business, we're here to help! Sign up to save your spot for our upcoming digital marketing course. 

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